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Pest Control in Bromsgrove, Redditch and South Birmingham

Dr. Kill LimitedAbout Us

DR.KILL is an independent pest control company ideally placed to serve customers throughout Bromsgrove, Redditch and South Birmingham.

We provide a high quality and friendly service for commercial and domestic premises, housing associations, facilities management contracts and estate and letting agents.

DR.KILL is accredited and trained in the safe use of rodenticides and insecticides in accordance with DEFRA and HSE Codes of Practice and Standards.

We believe in integrated pest management with an emphasis on pest prevention, not just cure. Operating a consultative approach, we propose solutions to fit specific industrial, domestic or commercial needs, rather a single solution to suit all.

With fully trained and experienced staff DR.KILL can eradicate all pests which may infest a home or workplace.

We specialise in the control of waspsratsmicebed bugsants and many other pests.

Benefits of DR.KILL Pest Control

Our Mission Statement

"Our objective is to deal with any pest infestation as speedily and efficiently as possible, and to maintain pest free conditions wherever possible using the most effective and up-to-date treatments."

Domestic Pest Control Services

DR.KILL provide domestic pest control services throughout Bromsgrove, Redditch and South Birmingham.

We will work closely with you to ensure that your pest problem is eradicated so that you can get back to normal quickly. Whether it’s a wasp nest removal from your garden, an ant infestation in your conservatory or a mouse problem in your attic, DR.KILL  are able to discreetly and swiftly remove the problem and make sure that you can enjoy a pest-free home.

DR.KILL remove pests from domestic environments with no category of pest infestation that we haven’t dealt with before. So, you can rest assured that our understanding and service provision is both very effective and humane.

Commercial Pest Control Services

DR.KILL offers an extensive service for commercial pest control problems throughout Bromsgrove, Redditch and South Birmingham. In commercial properties, farms, warehouses, retail premises, industrial units, restaurants and offices - DR.KILL know how disruptive and damaging a pest problem can be, not only to your building but also to your trade.

DR.KILL can provide a range of commercial services which include the installation of window and door meshing, UV electronic and sticky fly traps, deep cleaning and sanitising for your kitchen and wash room facilities, bird proofing, and repairs to your premises to prevent pest access.

Infestations cause damage to the environment, your health, and could potentially be damaging to your business as well as your premises. Should you identify a pest problem at your commercial property then it makes sense to act quickly.

Contact DR.KILL and we will quickly remove the problem so that you can carry on with business as usual, while also advising you on what steps to take to avoid more pest infestations in the future.

Results is our ProfessionCoverage Area

DR.KILL specialise in pest control services throughout Bromsgrove, Redditch, South Birmingham and the surrounding areas. A friendly and helpful team, we strive to achieve results for local customers.

If you are in or around our coverage area and have a pest problem, call us on 01527 575 553 or request a callback from one of our experienced pest control technicians.

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